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Cockpit Cover
Cockpit Cover


Custom sewn to fit Black Dog Kayaks, the Black Dog Kayak Cover is made from waterproof nylon packcloth. If you store your kayak outside you need a cockpit cover. It keeps rainwater and critters out of your kayak and makes it more streamlined for transportation. The Black Dog Cockpit Cover is held onto the coaming by a 1/4" shockcord.

You may select the color of the cover from the drop down menu. Black is usually in stock. Other colors listed may require an additional week to stock. Contact Us for more options.

The cover fits most cockpits up to 34 inches by 21 inches

Skin On Frame Deck Rigging Kit
Deck Rigging on the Greenland Style Kayak


Complete the look, function, and safety of your Black Dog Kayak with deck bungees, carrying handles, and reflective decklines.

The Deck Rigging Kit includes:

You may select the color of the webbing from the drop down menu. Other colors may be available. Contact Us for more options. Deck Bungee and Line is black.




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