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Black Dog Sea Sock

Sea Sock   Sea Sock installed in Albatross 14 Frame
Kayak4AKure installing Sea Socks in Tandem Kayak  Blaze Orange Sea Sock

Small Sea Sock
Fits Cockpits up to 68 inch Circumference



Medium Sea Sock
Fits Cockpits up to 80 inch Circumference


Large Sea Sock
Fits Cockpits up to 92 inch Circumference


Folbot Cooper Seasock
Fits Cockpit of the Folbot Cooper
without deforming the coaming.



A sea sock will add safety and durability to your Skin On Frame Kayak. Most kayak safety books also recommend a sea sock if you paddle a hard shell kayak without watertight bulkheads, especially tandem kayaks.

The "sock" is inserted into the cockpit opening and is secured to the cockpit coaming. The paddler sits inside the sock and fits the spray skirt over the coaming as usual. In the event of a wet exit, the sea sock remains inside the kayak and limits the amount of water that can enter, leaving less water to pump out, while also protecting the kayak frame and skin from grit and water.

Made from durable, waterproof, urethane coated cordura, the Black Dog Sea Sock features sewn and taped seams and frame straps to keep the fabric off of your legs.

Whether you paddle a Skin On Frame or a rigid hull, the Black Dog Sea Sock also helps to keep your kayak clean. Sand and dirt stay in the sock, instead of in your kayak! After a day of paddling, simply remove the sea sock, turn it inside out, and rinse it off.

The Black Dog Sea Sock is available in three sizes, Small, Medium, and Large.

The Small Sea Sock fits the typical traditional Greenland kayak, with a cockpit circumference up to 68 inches.

The Medium Sea Sock fits cockpits with up to an 80 inch circumference cockpits.

The Large Sea Sock fits cockpits up to 92 inches in circumference.

  • Q: Won't my feet get tangled up in the Sea Sock when I wet exit?
    A: That's not likely, as the Sea Sock includes velcro straps to attach the Sea Sock to the frame. When you exit, the Sea Sock stays in the kayak. However, you should practice wet exiting the kayak with the sea sock in place so that you know what to expect.

  • Q: Can I use my foot braces or operate rudder pedals if the Sea Sock is in place?
    A: Yes you can. The Sea Sock should not interfere with the operation of foot pedals.

  • Q: How long will it take for me to receive my Sea Sock?
    A: That depends on whether or not we have the fabric on hand. If we need to order it, the Sea Sock should be in your hands within four to six weeks from the time you placed your order.

  • Q: Will the Black Dog Kayaks Seasock deform the cockpit ring on my Folbot Cooper?
    A: No, it will not. The BDK Seasock for the Folbot was specifically designed not to deform the cockpit ring, and yet, still give a good seal. Velcro straps secure the seasock on the top centerline to keep it off of your legs and to secure it for wet exits.

  • Q: How do I dewater my Folbot Cooper in the event of a wet exit?
    A: Without a seasock, you are out of luck. With a seasock, the kayak is dewatered just as you would a hardshell kayak. Either reenter and pump the water out, or, do a T-rescue, and dump the water out.

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